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We offer consultations with an independent Property Advisor before purchase as well as comprehensive support for real estate processes in Spain.

We make sure you know what you are buying, what you will get and how much you pay. We operate independently of the Real Estate Agency, we check the value of real estate on the market without obligation.

We help you make the right decisions in the interests of your peace. We can advise, but also advise against.

We securely perform a number of formalities and activities during real estate transactions.

We help foreigners in completing the purchase of real estate in accordance with Spanish regulations.

If you are going to buy a property please contact us, we will help you make the best choice and take care of

Our activity in the real estate market:

Negotiation of the preliminary contract
handling the procedure of acquisition and sale of real estate,
sales service with the option of renting
issues related to property financing (negotiation of loan, credit and guarantee agreements);

Comprehensive purchase support is provided by Property Advisor in close cooperation with our lawyers specializing in property management law.

Advisory and legal activities when buying a property:

valuation of real estate based on which we negotiate the price of real estate for the customer
checking the technical condition estate
obtaining the number of N.I.E.
establishment of a bank account in a Spanish bank (payment for real estate takes place in the form of a bank check when signing a notarial deed
analysis and negotiation of the preliminary contract
verification of the legal status of real estate
property purchase agreement with simultaneous translation during the purchase
post-purchase activities such as the payment of taxes and entry in the property register as well as the change of the entity on service contracts

Property purchase

Under Spanish civil law, an agreement concluded without keeping the form of a notarial deed is an agreement that is valid and has all legal effects. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that the so-called the preliminary contract is already a purchase contract, which means that the terms contained therein are binding for the parties. This is a mistake often made by Poles buying property in Spain, who are surprised by the fact that they can not withdraw from a contract signed in the usual form without any consequences. Therefore, legal analysis should be subject to both an ordinary and a notarial contract.

In addition, Spanish law accurately specifies the purchase costs for the Buyer and Seller, often when the buyer is a Foreigner, the developers apply the practice of transferring most of the costs associated with the transaction, in a preliminary agreement, which is binding and on the basis of which a notarial deed of purchase is made.

The purchase of real estate from the primary market should be verified in terms of the occupancy permit – a document in which the city’s office certifies that the property is habitable and which will be the basis for obtaining energy and water connections.

Purchase of plots of land here is very important to analyze the discharge from the cadastre and zoning plan, which provides information about the class of land and the subsequent possibility of obtaining a building permit.

In addition, every purchase of real estate should be verified in terms of arrears with fees in relation to the city office, or taxes, in order to eliminate the possibility of buying a property in indebtedness.

Another very important issue is the analysis of the housing community statute, which provides rules for the use of the common parts of the property, but also about the aesthetics of the entire building, the behavior on the balconies and terraces of the property, etc.

Advisory and legal activities when buying a property:

entry of ownership of the sale purchase agreement (notarial deed) into the real estate register
notification of the City Office appropriate for the location of the property
Opening agreements with media service providers, connecting media
payment of the relevant taxes on the purchase to the Spanish Tax Office
When buying a property, depending on whether the property comes from the primary or secondary market, the buyer is obliged to pay the appropriate tax within 30 days from the date of purchase:

tax on civil law transactions in the amount of 10% (for real estate from the second-tier market)

tax on notarial acts in the amount of 1.5% (for real estate from the primary market)

VAT tax added to the net real estate price is transferred to the state treasury by the developer.

Our Advisor casually evaluates the selected property on the Spanish market and verifies the legal status of the property (loads, owners) which is very important before buying.