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We offer customer service in all aspects of their private and professional life. We have experience and successes in representing clients in matters based on Spanish and international law.

We work with the best law firms in Spain, with lawyers of Polish, English and Swedish origin. Perfectly moving between the differences in law in their country of origin and in Spain.

Our specialists are well versed in the ropes of industrial property rights and copyrights. They know foreign languages ​​very well and are able to use them fluently, which ensures seamless communication between the client-law firm and the institution / contractor / seller. We have extensive experience in conducting negotiations and preparing sales contracts.

We are able to take care of almost everything here. We provide efficient and comprehensive service for the matters entrusted to us. After signing the power of attorney, we become the representative of the client’s interests, and therefore we can complete on his behalf almost all formalities (of course only in agreement with him and according to his guidelines). Thanks to this, he does not have to personally appear in courts, offices or other state institutions.

We work with trusted and reliable sworn translators who prepare for us translations of all necessary documentation.