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Within the EU Member States, we have a uniform right to reside and live, let alone to transfer our rights from one country to the other. We do not all know about it and the more we can not enforce our rights in offices and institutions in the new EU country. We have many resolved issues to our advantage.

Our experience allows us to successfully solve the most contentious and complicated matters for officials. We work with European Union institutions responsible for ensuring one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the European Community treaties.

On behalf of our clients, we submit appropriate applications in EU institutions and in public health or social insurance institutions in the country of origin and in the new EU country. In practice, EU citizens have many rights and privileges, among others, the right to permanent public medical care in Spain, not only in an emergency, the right to transfer our health insurance premiums and the right to a pension, pensions and benefits. the right to transfer funds paid to us from the offices of our country to an EU country.

In Spain, offices, institutions have their own habits, which are strictly respected, all the appointments are made on an online system.